71st Annual Family Tournament

January 15th, 2018


About the Family Tournament:

The Family Tournament originated as the Father-Son race and dates back to 1942 when it was originally held on the flanks of Mount Mansfield (Stowe). In it’s modern form, it is a race open to anyone who wants to participate. Racers complete a family-friendly GS course where a racer’s best time from two runs (attempts) is counted. The time is then added together with other family members (by blood relationship) in the following categories and prizes awarded. In some cases, there are coveted trophies that live permanently at MRG for all to admire.


  • Father-Son
  • Mother-Daugher
  • Mother-Son
  • Father-Daughter
  • Mother-Father
  • Grandmother-Granddaughter
  • Grandfather-Grandson
  • Grandfather-Granddaughter
  • Grandmother-Grandson
  • Brother-Sister
  • Brother-Brother
  • Sister-Sister
  • And Grand Family


71st Annual Family Tournament Results

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