The preseason deadline had come and gone, but don’t fret. If you missed the preseason deadline, you can still register for race programs for this coming season at This year to mark the occasion, we again joined Cochran’s Ski Club in hiking Camel’s Hump for our first dryland session of the year. Fall hiking is a great way to get outside and build your aerobic base. Low intensity, low impact, hiking helps refine coordination and small motorskills at the end of the kinetic chain. Cochran’s ascended from the West, MRG from the East. Or at least that was the plan. In practice, the Cochran’s groups split up and the weather, while perfect for hiking, was too inhospitable to hang out on the summit. Alas, we only saw a Cochran’s coach, no kids.

Our next dryland session will be in the sand pits on October 29th. Stay tuned for time and location details.


…And We’re Off!

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