It was looking ominous but what a difference a snowstorm can make. These systems are not uncommon but they always seem to surprise us a little demonstrate their incredible value. No doubt that MRG (pending wind-hold) will be all ahead flank tomorrow. You’ll almost forget what lies beneath until you first hear, then feel it. But who cares, we’re back!

And not a moment too soon. We’re preparing for the last races of the season and we have a real shot of hosting MRSC championships on the Practice Slope this year. Good stuff. We’ll credit our new GM Matt Lillard with bringing the good luck to General Stark’s Mountain. Separately, both members of the MRSC Board and myself have had opportunities to sit down and chat with Matt. His first few days at the helm have been challenging but we’re looking forward to showing him what MRG is all about. We appreciate his willingness to meet and ear for discussing our philosophy and priorities.

Looking ahead, we don’t have mid week training this week but we will offer Friday night SL training at Cochran’s. We’ll conclude our normal competition season this coming weekend with our U8s and U10s racing at Stowe Duals. Our U12/U14s will be only one mile away at the George Tormey Challenge at Smuggler’s Notch. Put all of your hardwork this season to good use and good luck!

New this year, Smuggler’s Notch is hosting a U12/U14 Spring SL camp at Smugger’s Notch on April 15th. With better spring light and often more moderate temperatures, Spring can be as productive as our early season camps. We encourage all athletes who fit the criteria, to consider attending. Perhaps there will be more training opportunities in the post-season. Stay tuned.




Andddd….We’re Back!

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