With last week’s bounty of new snow, MRG was the place to be. Bottomless turns with the mandate to point them and go; you could do no wrong. Flip the switch and bring the wind out of the south and MRG has still been the place to be, but turns are now creamy but still delightful. The creamy and sometimes sticky surface made it edge-able (for those who forgot to tune) but also slow and challenging. We did manage great training in Birdland on Loon for our U8, U10 and U12 groups on Saturday and Sunday due in part to the abundant snow and use of urea to harden the snow surface. Even with the long lift line (at Birdland!!!), it was efficient and effective training.  Meanwhile, the Practice Slope was the venue of choice for our U14 and HS/U16 athletes on Saturday and after the ASCNY and Montclare Ski Club races on Sunday. We even managed a mini-french fry cup with timed runs after the ski club races on Sunday. It was good to see a little more hustle and determination. And a few of our parents even benefited from coach Eric Palola’s expert eye in our adult training clinic.

On Monday we hosted the fabled Family Tournament. We were pleased to welcome back program and MRSC alums to the race. Our congratulations to:

  • John and Noah Williams who won the Father-Son Trophy,
  • Ellen and Charlotte Hauser who took home the Mother Daughter Trophy,
  • Scott and Olivia Johnson for winning the Father Daughter Trophy,
  • Carolyn and Cory Stone for winning the Mother-Son Trophy,
  • Andrew and Liza Carey won the Husband-Wife Trophy,
  • Ruby and Ben Fox, Sister/Brother winners,
  • Jackson and Russell Rothman, Brother/Brother winners,
  • Olivia and Caroline Johnson, Sister/Sister winners.

And this year’s Family Tournament Grand Price winners were the Rothman Family. Our congratulations to all. We look forward to hosting this event next year on MLK weekend; please do join us!

Our upcoming week features the opposite of last; warm temps will be the dominate theme without dipping below freezing until Saturday night. Yikes! That will likely take Birdland out of our training rotation and confine our gate training to the Practice Slope.

The schedule this week features both day sessions and evening sessions; double up if you’d like! We have training Wednesday-Thursday from 9am-2pm at MRG and at Bolton from 4:30-6:30. We will start later on Friday to accommodate local athletes and train until 4:30.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Easy Come, Easy Go

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