Our first full weekend in January delivered in many ways, business as it should be. That is, the business of training, racing, socializing and ultimately, having fun.

Our athletes training and racing at Sugarbush Mount Ellen had successful sessions and events thanks to their handwork, the generosity of GMVS and guidance of our coaches Kathy, Brigitta, Rick and Nick.

The U12s, 10s and 8s benefitted from the creativity of coach Chris Downing in designing fun, short drill courses in Birdland. Coaches were all smiles with the progress athletes were making there.

And the U12s got a chance to improve the skills, size up the competition and ski a ton (if you could measure it!) at Stowe’s U12 Skills Day.

And we could not forget the potluck and our guest speaker Barbara Ann Cochran. We are so fortunate to live and ski in a community with so many living legends. To hear their story, learn from their experience to benefit from their guidance is a gift. She and all the athletes she has worked with are testaments to her message; skiing is a mental, head game. With the right outlook, you can do It.

On the administrative side of business, we’re pleased to announce that Edie Doemland will be joining our U10 staff for the season. She, like her older sister Margret (U12 coach), grew up skiing at MRG and knows all the secret spots. She matriculated to GMVS for high school, was a STAR on the stage in their annual musical but also coached in the GMVS weekend program at the U10 level. We are thrilled to have her back as a modern skiing model for our athletes, excellent coach and positive role model for our young girls and boys. Welcome Edie!

And as we mentioned on Saturday night, the Board of the Ski Club met on Saturday prior to the potluck and also spoke with Interim MRG GM Meg Houlihan. Following the Managers Meeting on Monday, Meg and I sat down and discussed many topics, including a few that impact the Junior Race Program. From snowmaking, races, safety to grooming, budgets, and training venues; we covered it. Overall, a very positive conversation and mutually beneficial as we look to help her and the new BOT members better understand our needs as a department for the benefit of our programs.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, we turn our attention to this week and weekend. We will offer training midweek at Bolton (tall pole SL on Wednesday and GS on Thursday) in conjunction with GMVS. Our Friday training will either take place at MRG during the afternoon or at Cochran’s at night. That will be determined by 1) how successful snowmaking is on the PS, 2) how it drains and grooms out, and 3) the impact of warm weather events starting late tonight and lasting through Thursday. This weekend, we will have scheduled training for all groups, with the U14s racing on Sunday at Cochran’s, the U16s racing at Sugarbush on Monday and EVERYONE racing on Monday at the MRG Family Tournament. Should their be a premium on hill space or the surface unsafe, we will postpone the event until later in the season.

Have a great week, get your homework (housework, yard work) done early so you can ski all weekend! – JK

Getting down to business

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