Throughout the ski industry, January has us saying good grief and goodbye! Whether your on the front range out West or struggling through the cold in New England, Jan18 has been less than impressive. With record cold temperatures, an abundance of liquid precip and an overall depletion of our snowpack, it’s been hard to establish a rhythm or routine. It’s also been challenging because we’re skiers and, while we’ve been skiing and training, we’re eager to lap Fall Line or make the trek out to Woodbox. Heck, I’m even looking forward to skiing Rat!

With good reason we turn our attention to February and the second half of our season. February and March are better times at MRG. For one, it’s when we get most of our snow. But there are other reasons to be excited for this season yet. With more daylight, we have more flexibility with training, the sun is stronger- so we can (responsibly) work on our goggle tans and we’ve got a lot of events to tend to. From February break training blocks to races for Harwood, our U12s and the ASCNY/Montclare, it’s time to double down and get ready for a great second half.

Hello February!



Goodbye January!

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