Skiing and ski racing can certainly be equipment intensive sports. In fact, equipment can make a huge difference in an athlete’s progress, their comfort level and overall enjoyment of the sport. Our program staff is available to help answer questions and narrow the search so each athlete is on the right equipment. Athletes are required to be on equipment that is legal for their age/discipline and need to be utilizing equipment that “works” for their body type and skiing style. Equally important is the condition and maintenance of an athlete’s equipment.  Here are a few resources to help manage this important piece of the program.

  • Resources for New Equipment:
    • VARA FIT DAY: Early each fall, VARA holds an athlete “fit day” where athlete’s can see new equipment from company representatives, try it on and place orders for late fall delivery at a local shop. Prices are usually slightly reduced for racers. USSA and VARA membership is required to participate.
    • ONLINE RETAILERS: You may be able to secure a good deal online, but it may come at the cost of customer service. Some reputable retailers include:
      • Race Stock Sports – Waterbury, VT (
      • Edgewise Ski Service – Stowe, VT (
      • Mountainside Ski Shop – Sugarbush Village (
      • Vermont North – Sugarbush Access Road (Facebook Page)
  • Resources for Used Equipment:  

Sometimes athletes can use/get by with used equipment. While the price may make a compelling value proposition, athletes and parents should make sure the equipment is right for the athlete before purchase. A few resources include:

  • Equipment Care:

While MRG is famous for it’s laid back “love the skiing not the skis” mentality, that does not apply to our athletes for training or racing. Tuned equipment is a requirement for training and racing. A athlete without tuned skis will not improve, progress or perform well. They are at risk of injury to themselves or others and they may not be allowed to participate until their equipment situation is addressed and rectified.  Our Program provides ski tuning clinics and access to discounted tuning equipment. Below are additional video from Stowe based Edgewise Ski Service on maintenance.