When we attend races at other ski areas, a good place to start is the Race Announcement and Fact Sheet. These are produced by the host program to share with all participants and their families. While they are not standardized, they will likely contain vital race day information. Your age group coaches will post them to TeamSnap and to the training page of this site. They are also available from VARA.org on the calendar.

When we travel to races, athletes and parents must understand they are representing our Program. At every race, especially when races are hosted by small clubs, your patience and assistance (or offer to assist) goes along way toward creating good will. We would never be able to host races if parents from other clubs did not help us pull them off.

For athletes (and parents), they need to know that Our Code of Conduct applies at all times.

Directions to race venues are available on the right side of this website’s top navigation page.