Like any formalized sport, there are guidelines to ensure the sport is fair and secure for all. For our Junior Race Program (regardless of age level of prescription, we follow the rules and guidelines set out USSA (as the recognized Olympic National Governing Body), VARA, ANSI B77, the Skier Responsibility Code, our own Athlete Code of Conduct and all Federal and State Laws.  Respect for and adherence to is always expected and required.


United States Ski and Snowboard Association Rules (National):

Vermont Alpine Racing Association Rules (State and Regional):

Skier Responsibility Code:

Mad River Glen Junior Race Program – Athlete Code of Conduct:

1.) Respect and listen to your coaches.
2.) Be courteous and respectful to Mad River Glen Ski Patrol, Mad River Glen employees and other resort guests.
3.) Racing/training is only permitted in the designated training/event areas. Ski in control and with the flow of traffic while skiing to and from your training/event area.
4.) Clean up after yourself in the Basebox, Birdcage, Stark’s Nest and on the hill.
5.) All athletes, coaches and assistants must have an appropriate day ticket or season’s pass while training and on event/competition days.
6.) Leave other skier’s equipment alone, including other athletes and coaches. All equipment must be kept on a ski rack while not in use.
7.) Use of electronic devices during program hours is prohibited unless necessitated by emergency.
8.) Offices and other race-related areas are off limits unless your coach invites you into them.
9.) If you lose your coach or group, go back to the flagpole or the bottom of the last lift you rode and wait for them.
10.) Vermont State Law enforces the ANSI Code B77, which requires that you ride all chairlifts with your retention/safety bar down at all times.
11.) Appropriate public behavior is expected at all times at Mad River Glen and during Mad River Glen functions/events.



In the event that an athlete violates the Code of Conduct (or any other rule or guideline listed above), one or more of the following may occur:
1.) Discussion with coaches, parents and athletes concerned.
2.) Suspension of ski/training privileges by any Mad River Glen employee; NO REFUND
3.) Suspension of competition privileges.
4.) Suspension from the MRG Junior Race Program -NO REFUND