For those of us that delight in the crispness of Fall and watch the mountain ridges for the first signs of winter, we were excited, thrilled in fact, to begin our season here at MRG in December. After all, Mother Nature owed us big-time for last year. But with little recourse, we dealt with a year that came in fits and busts. When it was good, it was world-class. And when it was not, we found ourselves in familiar territory, visiting our favorite neighbors for training. With a healthy dose of creativity and good will, we managed to meet many of our larger training goals and had fun doing so.

As we spoke about in December, we remain a process driven Program that focuses on the acquisition of skill and development of proper, athletic technique. More simply put, we want help our athletes become great skiers through racing. I am proud of our efforts and progress in those areas even if they aren’t generously quantifiably measured.

Looking back there are several highlights. We forged a meaningful relationship with GMVS to provide our U16s with more age appropriate training. We made GS turns down Porky- for the first time in two years. We took our largest group to Sunday River for preseason training. We launched a collaborative effort with Ski School called a Taste of Racing. And we followed our alumni’s success while celebrating our athlete’s accomplishments from the podium to skiing off a cliff for the first time.
With spring, comes the opportunity to debrief, reboot, and chart the course for next season. We’re already thinking ahead to productive training days next year, smiles after powder runs and surprising ourselves with what we’re capable of doing and accomplishing.


We look forward to seeing everyone the weekend of September 9th and 10th for the Kelly Brush Ride and the VARA Fit Day. It should be on everyone’s radar to attend. It’s homecoming for the ski racing community and the best chance to dial in equipment needs. Please also mark your calendar for our concentrated Winter 1 Camp from December 7-10.

Thanks for a great 2016-2017.


Take care,


Season Wrap-up

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