As we tip the balance on January 2017, we’ll save the usual mid-January report for another time. There’s lots to talk about today!

First off (obviously!!!), Alicia, Aidan and I are pleased to announce the birth of Lincoln James Komarmi. Born on January 12th weighing 8lbs, 8oz at 5:43pm with long little fingers and toes, Lincoln (and his mother) are both doing well. Thank you to all for your patience while we waited for him to arrive and generosity and well wishes. We couldn’t be more excited!

On Saturday evening, the Board of Trustees and Shareholders held their January meeting and discussed a variety of topics, but few more important than the vacant GM position. It has been reported the Executive Search Committee has reached a decision and the new GM will be named in the coming days. I look forward to hearing who they’ve named and working with them for the benefit of the Cooperative, department and program.

Also this weekend, we announced the postponement of the Family Tournament and the cancellation of the U14 Slalom race on 1/22. We’ll look to reschedule the Family Tournament later in the season.

On the weekend training and racing side, we tried to be creative with what we had at home. Our coaches once again used terrain off the single to set courses while our athletes didn’t balk (too much) at hiking. It is moments like those that cliche phrases like “embrace the chaos” or “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it” come to mind. On the road, we used Cochran’s for our U14s (who raced there Sunday) and Sugarbush for our U16s (who raced there Monday). With a little luck (and EVERYONE doing their snow dances) we’ll get some much needed snow in the next 24 hours…and that would solve some of our training challenges. 

Speaking of snow, hill reports from coaches Barclay and Chris, together with measurements and photos of the practice slope were submitted to our mountain manager today. That information will help them as they make the final push to complete snowmaking on the Practice Slope for the season. After yesterday’s assessment, I do have to say, it is thin in places, but overall, much better than I was expecting.

So looking ahead, it is our understanding (via the Monday manager’s meeting) that we need a solid 6 inches of dense snow to reopen the main mountain. Some of that could come this evening. Fingers crossed. Snowmaking will resume on the main mountain when they complete the Practice Slope, but everything is on hold until favorable weather returns. MRG will remain closed mid-week until the main mountain opens. Until then, the operational plan is to operate Saturday/Sunday only with Callie’s Corner and the Practice Slope operating.

For next weekend, we have several contingency plans in place should we receive/not receive enough snow to open the main mountain. They involve potentially looking at off campus training options for the U14s and U12s.

Have a good rest of your week and check the website and/or TeamSnap for training/racing updates

On behalf of the staff-


Weekend Wrap-Up – 1/16/2017

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