With February knocking, it’s hard to pin down exactly where January went. I’m still scratching my head.

As we all inevitably find ourselves on the short end of our most valuable resource; time, this past week has left me thinking where the month had gone, where me “made time” and “lost it.” With many of us juggling more than a few chainsaws these days, we need to maintain our focus and be extremely efficient/judicious with our movements. And our athletes are no exception.

As a staff, we talk about how valuable our time with the kids is. “Every run counts” sort of thing. We are eager to get them out the door and on-snow at 8:30 each weekend morning. And regardless of what we’re doing (freeskiing, drills, training), it all has value and can be applied to the 10,000 hours rule for mastery. We need to keep pushing for not just more training time, but finding opportunity in the margins and better quality training time.  And quality training time comes from coaches that are well organized with a plan, good snow conditions, training equipment that functions well, athletes with tuned skis/right equipment, that are rested and are physically fit. It also means balance- and this is something I think we do very well; meeting the recommended freeskiing to training ratio. We want to end our training sessions thinking that we’re broken new ground ahead instead of merely idling along.

After all, we can’t make more time, but we can be better with the time we have.

This week we are offering training Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Over the weekend, we’ll host our first USSA race of the season; a U12 Panel SL. Any and all help is welcome.

Have a great rest of our week-


Weekend Wrap-up: 1/31/2017

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