As coaching legend and mentor Luc Robillard has said on foggy days more than once, “I feel like I’m wrapped in cotton.” This was certainly the case for our athletes who skied on Sunday. While our U16 and U14 athletes had it “easy” skiing Slalom at Stowe and Sugarbush respectively, and our U10s were ‘home alone’, our U12 athletes deserve extra high-fives for being able to navigate the abyss that was foggy Jay Cloud.

Many, many thanks to Sugarbush/GMVS for pulling off our NVC U14 event for us. While hind sight suggested on Saturday that we could have hosted the race the following day. That second guessing dissipated quickly when weather conditions deteriorated into the vertigo-inducing grey room that was New England on Sunday. The resources that were called upon and used (not just by GMVS, but by Stowe and Jay) on days like Sunday in order to get a fair and safe race off, are immense. Lots of hands on deck. Lots of eyes on the hill. Many thousands of pounds ($$) of urea to stabilize the surface. Not to mention the right equipment (winch cat groomer) to prepare the hill overnight in very marginal conditions. Here, here!

This week is a busy week for our department outside of the Junior Race Program. We’re chalked full of administrative meetings (hello coffee!) and we are completing mid-season inventory, building gates, updating our timing software, retesting (second time since December) our hardwire timing system, and getting ready for upcoming events at MRG! But the fun stuff will be for the Junior Race Program. We are designing and printing the team t-shirts for the U10s who will be racing as a ‘team’ next weekend at Smuggs. Wonder what they will look like???

For the rest of this week have training scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday at Bolton. On Friday, we will offer poma length GS at Sugarbush with GMVS. Athletes interested in this training opportunity should RSVP to Jim via TeamSnap. Next weekend, we look forward to having most groups at MRG for training on Saturday. For Sunday, U16s will be at Stowe, U14s at Jay Peak, U10s at Smuggs with the U12s holding down the fort at MRG. With the is most recent storm last night (marginal net gain) and forecast for more tonight, it will be a great weekend be back on the home hill.

Have a great week. See you then.


Weekend Wrap-up: Cotton

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