All (February) Signs Point to Yes.

Out of the gate, we need to thank everyone who played a small or large role in last weekend’s race at Mad River Glen. It’s not something we do often or something we do with a high level of efficiency, but we did host a good race. It was fair, on time and our guest were pleased to depart at a reasonable time and be home in time to watch the Puppy Bowl. That was the plan all along and we know it doesn’t always happen, so thank you to all who chipped in to make it work.

We will host a few more races this coming season: next up for athletes in the Junior Race Program will be the Family Tournament on 2/20 and then the Town Meeting Day Slalom for U12 and U14s.

As I wrote our BOD department briefing for the month of January, it is easy to forget all that has transpired over the last month. We have certainly had our share of battles the limited snow, snowmaking and warm second half of the month. All of that was unwelcome- unless you could the balmy day (25 degrees) I spent with the U14s at Jay Peak.

Turn the page to February and we have snow and very good conditions. Not to celebrate but rather to capitalize, we launched our “Fast Start” program this past weekend. Together with MRG Ski School we are offering kids in their season-long programs the opportunity to join the Junior Race Program for training before their lessons begin. Many thanks to Dave Knoop and Barclay for the idea and leg working making this happen. We had eight kids the first week; something we hope to do each weekend for the rest of the season.

This past Monday, Travis and I logged a little groomer time working on our hill and in particular, the start. It’s hard not to feel foolish for spending so much sweat equity (shoveling so much snow) to build the start ramp when it only takes a flick of the wrist in the new groomer to make it perfect.

Also, we were also on the receiving end of some generosity from World Cup Supply and USSA. WCS donated much needed hinges to our cause while USSA donated approved/homologated GS panels. Many thanks to them!!!

Lastly, please save the date (Saturday, February 18th) for Mad River Ski Club’s annual Lasagna Dinner. You should see invites soon. Hope all can attend.

Have a great rest of your week.


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