We had a good weekend and racing (or trying to race) for most age groups. Our U16s were at Pico, our U14s were at Stowe, U12s at GMVS while our U8 and U10s held down the fort at home. And who can forget Porky? Travis piloted MRG’s Pisten Bully 400 up and down Porky for the finest GS turns many of us have made all season at MRG. We look forward to more of those in the coming weeks. We also had a our second weekend of a “Taste of Racing” or “Fast Start” where we welcome skiers from the ski school to join us for a mini training session from 9-9:30am. Last week Mike Riddell played host to the Sunday group.

Semana del Présidente:

My favorite training block is nearly upon us. And it’s made all the better by the new snow and the fact it benefits parents and athletes alike.

On Saturday, we will hold a parent training and racing clinic from 1:00 to 2:30pm. Meeting at Lift 4. This is open to all Junior Race Program parents and all MRG Seasonal Ski School parents. Come learn the latest in technique, lingo and improve your own skiing. Also on Saturday, the Mad River Ski Club will be hosting their Family Lasagna Dinner along with Valentines. This will begin at 4:00pm. Please RSVP via TeamSnap

We have finally finalized training for the holiday weeks and are pleased with our offering (the most blocks in my tenure). MRG has prioritized training for the race program by running Lift 4 both weeks on a full schedule. Therefore, we will offering training Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-2pm each day. We will be focusing on technical development with short drill courses, drill work and some great freeskiing. It all starts with MRG’s Family Tournament on Monday. We hope to see all there.


Weekend Wrapup and Holiday Training

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