Thanks for your interest. We’re glad you’re here.

Who We Are:
Our Program is made up of a collection of folks who share an interest in racing. Whether you come from a family that has raced, have a neighbor who races, want your child to gain the skills big mountain skiers call “their fundamentals” or like our idea of community, we think you’ll find the Mad River Glen Junior Race Program an excellent way give the gift of skiing. Through racing, we are here to give each athlete the opportunity to acquire new skills, improve their technique within an athletic framework and empower each individual to achieve their personal best. We’re lucky to be able to share our knowledge of the mountain and passion for the sport with junior athletes across the age and skill spectrum.

More specifically, we are:

  • The Junior Race Program at Mad River Glen
  • Focused on creating great skiers, and then ski racers
  • Focused on healthy competition
  • A staff of experts with combined hundreds of years of experience in this sport.

By the nature of our Program, we are not:

  • A never-ever, learn to ski program
  • A babysitting service
  • A direct pipeline to the US Ski Team
  • A perfect fit for everyone.

Start Here:

With all that we’ve got to do today, learning about a new program for our child can be daunting. Often times is can be as easy as a phone call or an email. We’re flexible and invite you to have a conversation with us. We’re interested in learning about you and your child and can help you make a decision about whether the Junior Race Program or another MRG program may be right for you. After all- it’s about fit and making sure everyone is set up well for a successful outcome.

Jim Komarmi, Fall 2015. Revised Fall 2017