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Happy New Year!

The “cold” aside, you’ve got to admit, it was a great training session and holiday week. Old timers can tell us stories of holiday weeks just like the one we just had, but until last week, many of us have not experienced what it is like to be 100% open this early in the season- AND have skiing consistently this good. Again, a tip of the hat to mountain operations for putting the Lift 4 pod in “all-time” (as in best of all time) condition. Some of you may have noticed the new terrain features on the top flats of both Cricket and the Practice Slope. With all the nature and manufactured snow on the hill, it has provided us with the opportunity to get crafty with the grooming machines. Besides being fun to play on, both the spin and rollers provide us teaching tools for our athletes. While it is true that we have a whole mountain, we can’t always use it’s available terrain because of limited coverage. This solves that. In fact, ski school and the public too have been raving about how cool it is to have these features. You don’t have to tell us- we hear the giggles and occasional scream when they are skied over; all good stuff.

Looking ahead, we have GS training this coming Thursday night at Bolton from 4:30-6:30 with coach Carolyn Stone and then regular weekend training at MRG. Our first races for our U12s and U14s will take place on Sunday. As for the “cold,” we’re currently sticking to our regular schedules, but we do expect some changes. More on that in Thursday’s post.

On behalf of the staff, have a good week,


Winter Camp II Wrap-up

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